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If you are in need of Carpet Stretching you may not know that all of your furniture does have to be removed from all of the rooms that are being power stretched prior to our arrival. When we tell our customers that the majority of them respond with “Oh, I cannot move my furniture, there’s a lot and it’s really heavy!”. We know that not everyone can handle moving their furniture in and out of the rooms, especially when there’s multiple rooms involved. So, in order to provide our customers with an additional option our company does partner with moving companies. One of these movers are Firehouse Moving Company. They have been operating since 2007 and pride themselves on their honesty and integrity which aligns with our own companies core values. Their pricing is straightforward and the same for every job. The first hour is $135 and each additional hour is $65. We tell all customers to expect about an hour per room that they are having power stretched to help them estimate the cost. After years of working together it’s no surprise that we would become friends. Our owner Robert and his son Joey are avid mountain bikers and bike weekly with a mountain biking group. This week the owner of Firehouse Moving Company, Dusty, joined Robert out at Estrella Mountain for an evening bike ride. They completed a 21 mile bike ride that left them physically exhausted but mentally recharged. One of the perks of living in Arizona is beautiful weather and beautiful scenery. We have plenty of places to take mountain bikes for a spin. There are endless trails no matter your skill level. From rocky challenging climbs to riding through fields of ferns, Arizona has a single track of every kind. It’s the best mountain bike destination the world hasn’t yet discovered.


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