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Phoenix Rug Repair

When Life Happens…Expert Phoenix Rug Repair for even the most Distinctive Rugs

We handle your rug cleaning & rug repair like its our own! We specialize in ths type of work and enjoy seeing our clients faces when we drop off there rugs repaired and fresh and clean.

Despite your best efforts, life happens to rugs, even special rugs like Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs.

Some of the most common rug damage we see includes:

  • Pet stains
  • Food and drink stains
  • Pet damage from claws and chewing
  • Wear and tear to the natural fibers and the pile
  • Damage to the binding, or edging
  • “Serging” or fraying fringe
  • Rug cleaning & rug repair

Moth damage and holes in wool fiber and backing. How we repair rug damage is quite different from how we repair carpet. Therefore, Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning does no repair on the spot. We provide pick up in your home and delivery when the repair is complete. All rug repairs are handled on a case-by-case basis—no two rugs are alike. Rugs run the gamut from machine loomed to unique and one-of-a-kind. Often they require very special handling and an ultra-specialized set of skills that most carpet cleaning “pros” do not possess. Whether your rug is a fine area rug or has been hand-loomed in Timbuktu with hand-dyed (Old World style) natural fibers, we provide a high standard of care.

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning provides gentle, expert rug cleaning. To schedule a rug cleaning or rug repair pickup, call Kimberly, our Office Manager, at 602 755 6424. Ask how you can get a free bottle (and free refills!) of our “green” spot-cleaning product.

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