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For most carpets, re-stretching beats replacing every time!

A lot of people ask us how a carpet comes to the point that it needs to be re-stretched in the first place. There’s no easy answer for that. It could be that the carpet was incorrectly installed in the first place. While it may not seem like someone walking on such a huge piece of carpet would cause enough pressure to pull it away from the wall, the fact is that over time, that’s exactly what happens. This is especially true in high traffic areas of your home — the areas near your front door, the hallway to the bedrooms, etc.

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What’s more, furniture plays a big role. Anytime you place a piece of heavy furniture on a piece of mounted carpet, there will be a certain amount of subtle but constant pressure pulling against the rug. Over time, the carpet finally “gives.”

As a result,you eventually start to see ripples and waves in the carpet. These aren’t just unsightly, they can be dangerous. Who hasn’t at one time or another tripped or stumbled over a ripple in a carpet? When a rug does start to ripple or pull away from the wall or both, the first inclination for many is to assume that nothing can be done about it; just watch your step. That way to thinking is both ignorant and hazardous! The fact is, plenty can be done about it and the folks at Phoenix Carpet Repair are just the people to do it.


Your PCR Professional will assess all the problems to be addressed with your carpet and then use a power stretcher to make your carpet taut again. We’ll use the finest adhesives to reattach the carpet to the floor and return to your carpet some of the “bounce” it had before it pulled away from the wall. It’s amazing how many people who thought they’d have to buy new carpeting are pleasantly surprised with their current carpet after one visit from Phoenix Carpet Repair.

If you’re thinking about having a professional cleaner come in to shampoo your carpet, and you have a carpet that’s loose, rippled or wavy, DO NOT call them over before you call Phoenix Carpet Repair. Carpet is like a lot of fabric. Left to its own design, it will expand when you wet it then shrink as it dries. If your carpet is loose already, wetting that carpet will only make the situation worse. Be sure your carpet is properly stretched and reattached before you call the cleaners. Phoenix Carpet Repair will get the job done right and at a price that won’t stretch your budget..

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