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Pet damage got you down? Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is here to help! We receive daily calls from people who need carpet repair due to pet damage. When your cats or dogs get locked into a room or want to get into a room they will scratch, dig and bite at the carpet in the doorway. This can be very destructive to your carpet and when you see the damage you can be very shocked. Thankfully we have experienced technicians that are specialized in all carpet repair. We can work on standard plush pile carpet, Berber carpet and patterned carpet. All of our pricing is based on the size of the damage which makes it easy for us to give you pricing for the carpet repair over the phone. This makes it better for you, as when we arrive onsite you aren’t surprised by the cost. A lot of the time pets love to get the carpet padding underneath too. Some think it’s like a stuffed animal. Our technician will bring carpet padding with him in case it is needed and will install it for you.

This client in Phoenix called us out to his home devastated and worried that his dog had destroyed his carpet beyond repair. Thankfully, our skilled technician was able to repair this standard plush pile carpet with incredible results. Look at the before and after pictures to see for yourself. The technician used a leftover, matching carpet remnant from when the customer originally had his carpet installed. Carpet is impossible to match as it is made in dye lots. If you do not have extra remnants on hand we can always take matching carpet out of the back of a closet to use for the repair. First, the technician installed new carpet padding and then he permanently grafted in the extra carpet remnant. We also guarantee the workmanship for the life of the repair. Call our office at 602-688-4186 for a free, over the phone estimate.

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