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It’s bad enough when your pet is digging up your flowers in your backyard, but that much worse when they dig inside your home. And although there are probably ways to stop your pet from tearing up the carpeting and pad underneath, you still need to take care of the damaged area before it gets worse. The bigger the carpet damage the more time and money it will cost you in repair work. But don’t worry, the experienced professionals at Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning specialize in carpet repair. By using a remnant piece of carpet from the original installation we will cut out the damaged area and permanently graft in the new carpet. If you do not have extra carpet from the original installation we can still take matching carpet from the back of a closet or from under a large piece of furniture that you do not plan on ever moving. Cutting a hole in the carpet to fix another area may seem like making the problem worse, but unfortunately, all carpet is created in different manufacturing dye lots, so the only way to get an exact match is to use the same caret that was originally installed in your home. And yes, we get asked all the time if we can try to find a similar type, color, or style of your carpet and that just is not possible. We let all of our customers who are concerned with what carpet goes back into the closet know that they can take a small piece of their carpet into a flooring store (like home Depot or Lowes) beforehand to find something similar which can be used to replace the less noticeable area where the patch will be taken from. If you would like a free, over the phone estimate you can call our office at 602-688-4186.

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