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Phoenix carpet repair & cleaning has put together a flyer-post card campaign in the west valley. We are thrilled with the two new employees we have hired recently. Paris and Shawn are a great addition to our team. They come to work at 8:00am in the morning full of energy ready to tackle their day. They count out their 1000 post cards &  pack their message Currier bag full of post cards and snap on their GPS tracking devise. We have designated areas to deliver their days worth of post cards to in the West Valley. The GPS tracking unit drops a pin at every house they put a post card flyer on. The GPS unit updates every 15 seconds and makes tracking a breeze. We have seen some great success in starting this program and plan to add others to our flyer canvas program here at Phoenix Carpet Repair and cleaning. We look forward to spreading to other areas in the valley and grow our business. Thanks for all the support and thanks to our team members for being a part of the Phoenix team!!!

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