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Pets are a joyful part of the family but if you have a dog or cat living in your home then there’s a good chance that at some point you will probably need to give our company a call. Our technicians specialize in carpet repair from standard plush pile to premium carpets like Berber or patterned. If your pet accidentally gets locked in a room or uses the bathroom on your carpet permanently staining the carpet you don’t necessarily have to replace your carpet. Our technician can do a carpet repair which is where he will cut out the damaged carpet and permanently graft in a new remnant. If you have matching carpet from the original installation we will use that carpet for the visible repair. If you do not have left over carpet remnants from the original install then we would have to take matching carpet from the back of a closet. Of course, we do not want to leave you with a new hole in your closet so we will replace the carpet that we take with a completely non-matching beige or brown carpet remnant as carpet is impossible to match. Sometimes, if your carpet is damaged within about 1.5″ back from where it meets the tile or hardwood we can stretch the carpet. This is where the technician will power stretch the carpet forward, cut off the damaged area and then re-tack it back up to the tile or hardwood. The technician will evaluate the area when he comes onsite and let you know if this is an option for you. Our company also guarantees the workmanship of our repairs for the life of the carpet. We are a trusted small business with over five thousand five star reviews. We pride ourselves on not only offering excellent workmanship but also on providing our customers with superior customer service. Call us today at 602-688-4186.

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