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Patterned carpet can be a more difficult carpet to repair. Our technicians are all extremely skilled and work with all types of carpets including patterned. This customer did not have extra carpet to use so we pulled matching carpet from the back of his closet. We then cut out the damaged carpet, permanently grafted in the new section of carpet making it look good as new.

This customer was thrilled with the results and left us the following 5 star review: “All I can say is I am impressed, the repair is perfect. Robert showed up on time and even called prior to heading over. Robert went above and beyond, I would have no problem recommending Phoenix Carpet Repair to any family or friend. We were almost at the point of replacing all of the carpet because of a relatively small tear in an entry way. Robert saved us a lot of headache and money being able to fix the damaged area. Highly recommend!!”.

If you are in need of a carpet repair call us at 602-688-4186!

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