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If you are like me, you and your pet survived another brutal summer in the valley. It is a dry heat, though, right? It’s not that bad, said anyone who has lived in Arizona for more than ten years!

With the summer finally drawing to a close, your four-legged friend can stay in the backyard for some extended rest & relaxation and a bathroom break.

This is the time when you can examine your home for lingering urine stains that you may have missed earlier this summer. How can you miss a urine stain? It’s actually pretty easy to do.

During the summer, your pet had free reign of your home while you were away at work or away running errands.

This meant that there was no one home to supervise or let them outside to do their business.

So what does your pet do next? They do what comes naturally to them of course. When mother nature calls, they have to answer the call just like everyone else.

This urine could have easily dried before you got home.

Even if you witnessed and cleaned up the accident when it happened, it does not mean that your carpet wasn’t damaged. Pet urine could still be in your carpet right now hiding in plain sight.


Pet Urine: The Guest That Doesn’t Want To Leave

In a way, pet urine is like a guest that doesn’t want to leave. It can linger day after day, week after week, until you decide to do something about it.

Even after you clean up the urine, the scent can linger undetected by the human nose but will act as a beacon for your pet to re-soil the same spot time and time again. This can be frustrating for pet owners.

Urine is made up of a mixture of bacteria, hormones, ammonia and uric acid.  The best way to eliminate pet urine from your carpet is to use an enzyme-based urine remover.

Never use an ammonia-based cleaner on urine because the way that the cleaner interacts with the urine creates more ammonia on the very spot that you are trying to clean!

It is the ammonia that attracts your pet to the place that you are attempting to clean.


A Pet-Friendly Way To Remove Dog Urine

Using a pet-friendly enzyme based cleaner is the most effective way to remove urine from your carpet.

The enzymes in the cleaner completely breaks down the urine and neutralizes the odor. The best way to apply the enzyme cleaner is to spray a liberal amount of the cleaner directly on the spot of the accident.

After the spot has been treated with the enzyme cleaner, let it sit for at least thirty minutes to an hour. This should give it ample time to break down the pet urine and air dry.

Once everything has dried, your carpet will be clean with no lingering pet urine smell!

If you are looking for a good over-the-counter enzyme based pet urine remover try some of these fine products today!



In addition to using an enzyme cleaner, having a black light handy will let you know when the pet urine is completely gone.

For the best results make sure the room that you are examining is completely dark and free of debris such as lint. This will make it easier to identify where the stain is.

If you have pet urine stains that have gone untreated for a while, you should call Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning today! We are experts in pet urine stain removal!


Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning: Say Goodbye To Pet Urine Stains!

We can help you get rid of your pet urine stains once and for all! Our pet odor removal service is highly effective at removing pet urine and pet odor from your carpet in an environmentally friendly fashion.

We offer four levels of service, depending on the degree of damage to your carpet.

Our services range from simple pet urine removal with our environmentally-friendly cleaning solution to removing sections of carpet and carpet padding.

Our carpet cleaning technicians will be able to recommend the best course of action based on your specific situation.

In order to maximize the benefits of our pet odor removal service we recommend using our hot water extraction carpet cleaning service.

Adding a carpet cleaning service will not only ensure that there are no traces of pet urine in your carpet, it will also leave your carpet smelling and looking great!

For those who are worried about exposing their pets to traditional carpet cleaning products, we offer an environmentally conscious green carpet cleaning service that is just as effective.

Our green carpet cleaning products are pet-friendly, non-toxic, and soap free!

For more information about our carpet cleaning service or our pet odor removal service, please give us a call today at 602-688-4186 or you can contact us by email today!

If you are ready to schedule your appointment click here!


We Service The Following Areas: Goodyear, Avondale, Peoria, Phoenix & Litchfield Park!


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