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Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning are your pet damage carpet repair specialists.  Dogs and cats often get separation anxiety when left alone or they are away from their owners.  Dogs or cats might urinate, defecate, bark, howl, chew, dig or try to escape.  While these could all be signs that they might need to be taught better house manners, they are also signs of distress or a cry for help.  The ASPCA has a whole article on separation anxiety   Click here to read it.  Animals often call out for help much like a teenager that is acting out in school.

We can many calls from homeowners frantic about what their animal has done or has been doing habitually to their carpet.  We are all pet owners and we understand what it is like.  Call us today at 602.688.4186 for a pet damage repair or pet stain removal.  Here is a funny picture we found that we thought you might enjoy.



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