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PCR was called to do a Paradise Valley Carpet Stretch & Repair for a wonderful Client today. I said it in the past, What a pleasure it is too meet really neat people here in Arizona. The client here has done some major remodeling through out her home, which in my opinion she has done an amazing job! Okay back to the repair. They took out a Murphy bed and some cabinets . When they installed the Murphy bed and cabinets they installed them on top of the existing carpet. Well this new home owner had carpet installed and they installed the new carpet right up too the Murphy bed and Cabinetry which is the correct way to do it. Well because the previous person installed the Murphy bed and cabinetry on top of the carpet when the Murphy bed and cabinetry is taken out for some reason, You guessed it two different carpets. So we had to take some remnant she had with some new carpet pad and magic, Like new!   Here are a few shots. I ran out with out taking an after shot but I called The client and asked if she would email me one because it came out awesome!

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