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David, who is the owner/operator, from Orange County Carpet Repair & Cleaning came into town for a quick visit and we are just so excited to see his business continuing to grow. David started his business nine months ago having no experience in the carpet repair side of things. He trained onsite with our team for eight days and launched his business using his Dad’s truck for the first three months. He has been working steadily and has now been able to purchase his own truckmount vehicle for his carpet repair and cleaning business. David brought his new vehicle down to Arizona to work with The Brandsmith Co. on establishing his brand identity and getting his new vehicle wrapped. Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning has long partnered with The Brandsmith Co. for wrapping all of our work vehicles and we know the power that comes from appearing official and professional. Their design team is easy to work with and will take your business aesthetic to the next level. We can also speak to the power that this type of advertising has as we have a lot of customers who reach out based on seeing one of our vehicles in their neighborhood. David’s vehicle was with the Brandsmith Co. for a couple of days so he spent that time on the truck with our owner Robert. And of course after working so hard David got to enjoy some downtime in the arizona sunshine, mountain biking and enjoying quality time with a business partner who has since become a friend.

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