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Our owner, Robert Atlas, teamed up with Dusty Bell of The Cleaner’s Blueprint to talk about how he grew his business, Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning, from 1 to 24 locations (and counting). Robert was a young entrepreneur, starting his first cleaning business at just 19 years old.  His career path then took a turn towards ministry where he was blessed to be a minister for 17 years. When he left the ministry he found his way back to where he started and began Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning. After successfully growing his own business he made a decision to bless others. He now offers people the opportunity to open their own Carpet Repair & Cleaning businesses, no experience needed. Robert currently partners with 24 different locations in places like San Diego, Philadelphia, Dallas and Calgary just to name a few. Robert talks about how he dominates his local markets in Google searches and how his super simple system has has helped him generate over 4400 reviews. This is also due in large part to providing customers with superior customer service as well as posting before and after pictures of every job(even the not so great pictures). He also talks about those people who have be an inspiration and who have helped motivate him to expand his own business. One notable person is Barry Costa with the Costa Group Education and another person would be Chris Howell with Colorful Carpets who trained Robert on carpet dyeing. Strategies For Success with Jon Don has also been an inspiration. Robert also, recently opened a new sister company using his systems called Phoenix Water Damage Services.  If you think Robert’s tried-and-tested systems can help you start your own carpet repair & cleaning business. Or if you already have a cleaning business and are interested in growing your business by adding carpet repair to your services feel free to reach out to Robert. He’d love to hear from you.  To listen to the whole podcast interview click here.

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