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Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning holds the knowledge, skill and ability to effectively and correctly repair berber carpet.  Berber carpet requires a certain finesse to repair as the looped pile type carpet makes everything very visible.  We are IICRC trained and certified professionals; however there are other factors such as soil level, wear patterns, and the age of the carpet that can affect the visibility of a carpet repair.  We strive to perform the repair to the best of our ability with the circumstances that are present.  In this case, the client’s remnant extra carpet piece was a bit dirty and worn so you can see the difference.  If you examine all of the seams you will see that our technician did a wonderful job!

Berber Carpet Repairs (2)Berber Carpet Repairs (3)

Berber Carpet Repairs (1)Berber Carpet Repairs (4)

Did you know we are a green company and we went paperless?  We use a web-based scheduling tool with wonderful reporting features too.  The product is called Service Monster and Principal Focus is the company that provides the service.  Although the product is geared towards carpet cleaning, you can utilize it for any services that require multiple routes and schedules.

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