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Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning gets calls from clients on a daily basis needing carpet stretching. Actually they really need a carpet re-stretching. The carpet was originally stretched when it was installed. They claim it was installed 1-5 years ago and now it has Bumps. We get people calling them bumps, speed bumps, carpet waves, carpet creases, carpet lumps, and a variety of other names. in the industry we call them Carpet ripples! We use a Power stretcher here at Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning. One of the biggest reasons we see these ripples is due to poor installation. Carpet installers will use a knee kicker instead of a power stretcher to install the carpet and the carpet is never stretched in to the industry standards which is drum tight! Below is a picture of a power stretcher and some carpet ripples! Mesa Carpet Stretching

Power stretching Mesa carpet stretching carpet stretching carpet stretching Mesa Carpet power stretching


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