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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning: Saves You Time And Money

The carpet cleaning industry is a place where things are constantly being improved upon. The technology gets better and the cleaning compounds more effective.

If you had your carpet cleaned before you are probably familiar with the hot water extraction method (HWE). This method is the most popular among carpet cleaning professional because of its ability to penetrate deeply into carpet.

While this may be the most effective technique for getting soils that are deep down in your carpet, it might not be the most appropriate method to use for your home.

We understand that your time is valuable, and this is why we offer a low moisture carpet cleaning for our customers.

What Is A Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

A low moisture carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning technique that requires much less water to clean your carpet than hot water extraction.

The typical low moisture carpet cleaning only uses between 3-4 gallons of water, whereas a hot water extraction uses anywhere from 20-60 gallons of water per cleaning! As you can see this is a big difference!

How Does It Work?

First we apply our encapsulating cleaning agent onto your carpet to absorb the soils prior to removal. An encapsulating agent is a carpet cleaning solution that attaches to dirt and traps the dirt in a bubble, which makes it easier to the soils out of your carpet!

We then use a counter rotating brush to agitate the carpet to help the encapsulating agent get into the fibers of your carpet. The final step is to vacuum your carpet and your carpet is left looking like new with less waiting! Click here for more information about the counter rotating brush.

What Are The Benefits Of A Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

1. Less Waiting Time- Your carpet dries faster. Your carpet is dry in 2 hours versus 8+hours with hot water extraction.

2. Saves You Money- Low moisture carpet cleaning costs less than a hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

3. Extends The Life Of Your Carpet- Your carpet stays clean longer between cleanings

4 .Your Carpet Is Protected- Our encapsulation agent has some of the best carpet protectant that guards against future spills and dirt.

The Results

When you purchase a low moisture carpet cleaning from us you can expect for your carpet to look and feel like new with a little extra protection!

You can book your appointment online today on our online service scheduling system. You can also give us all at 602-688-4186. We look forward to earning your business.

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