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What types of cleaning products do you use to clean your home? Many of us use the typical chemical agents to get the job done. These cleaning products are highly effective at killing germs and getting rid of unwanted buildup on your tile, grout, and countertops. You also get the added benefit of a fragrance of your choosing to boot!

The downside to using chemical based cleaning agents is the potential for an allergic skin reaction. The most common type of allergic reaction is called allergic contact dermatitis. This is what causes your skin to itch and burn from cleaning agents. The repeated exposure to chemical cleaning agents can cause your immune system to overreact to chemicals that are normally harmless.

In addition to allergic contact dermatitis, there are people who have developed severe reactions to cleaning chemicals. This condition is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). It has been estimated that between 2%-10% of people suffer some type of disruption in their lives due to MCS.  If you have a sensitivity to chemical cleaning agents or you want to start cleaning your home with no chemicals, what can you do?

Microfiber To The Rescue

Microfiber cleaning is a product that isn’t well known in the American marketplace as of yet but has a devoted following across the pond in Europe. Microfiber gives you all of the benefits that  traditional chemical cleaning agents would give you without exposure to possible irritants.

In fact, a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that microfiber cloth effectively removed viruses from surfaces. It also outperformed traditional terry cloth and non-woven cloth towels in preventing recontamination of surfaces.

What Gives Microfiber Its Cleaning Power

What gives microfiber its cleaning power is the way it is constructed. Microfibers are densely made polyester and nylon fibers that are approximately 1/16th the diameter of human hair! Woven together it creates a net-like surface covered with millions of spaces to trap dirt and grime.

Did you know that the nylon component of the microfiber acts as a static charge that attracts dirt to the surface, thus enhancing the cleaning power! As you can see microfiber packs a powerful one-two punch that is hard to beat!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Microfiber?

  1. Eliminate or reduce the need for cleaning chemicals
  2. Save water: Microfiber doesn’t need much water to be effective
  3. Durable: Can be laundered between 100-500 times and still be effective with proper care
  4. Deeper Clean: More effective at removing contaminants in hard to reach places

The only drawback to microfiber cleaning is the cost. Some of you may scoff at buying a microfiber mop for $85 or a microfiber duster for $145, but the benefits may outweigh the cost for you depending on your circumstances.

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