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We are now almost 2 months into the new year, did you make any New Year’s resolutions for your business? How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions so far?  Have you been able to stick with them? If you haven’t it’s ok, we totally get it because change is hard. In fact, 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolution within 7 days according to the Washington Post!

This doesn’t mean that your goals can’t be accomplished, it just takes grit and determination. As a business owner trimming expenses and boosting profits is always item number one on the New Year’s resolution list. This is the only way to keep the lights on right? What if I told you that there is a way to boost your profits by as much as 10%-15% without having to lift a finger? Sounds too good to be true right?

Making The Switch

As you well know having a clean facility can be the fine line between being a successful business or a struggling business. Having your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company on a regular basis keeps your building looking clean and presentable all year round.

Did you that customers and potential clients judge your trustworthiness and cleanliness of your business in a tenth of a second! If a client doesn’t trust you they are not going to be willing to pay for your services, even if you are the best in town.

If you are like most businesses you have your carpets cleaned at night when there are no employees or customers. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way but there is an associated cost to this strategy. These associated costs are:

Increased electricity usage: because lights need to stay on longer in order for carpet cleaners to do their job.

Security: Having carpet cleaners working overnight may increase the need for additional security guards.

If you switched to having your carpet cleaned during the day instead of at night, you can achieve significant cost savings with your utility bill! Keeping the lights off at night adds up over time. In fact a high school in Goodrich, Michigan saved $230 a month on their utility bill by turning off the computers at night.

This same principle applies to your business. The smarter you are about the energy you use, the better it is for your bottom line and the environment! For more information about how your business can save money on your electric bill click here!

We Can Help You Save Money Today!

It is a good year to switch to daytime carpet cleaning! We use energy efficient top of the line Pro chem carpet cleaning equipment for all of our commercial carpet cleaning jobs. Our equipment is highly effective at cleaning your carpet and removing water, leaving your carpet cleaner and dryer than our competitors!

Our carpet cleaning professionals here at Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning are prompt and professional. We can be in and out of your facility in no time, thus minimizing any disruptions to your business operations.

Save 10%-15% off of your utility bill by giving us a call at 602-688-4186!! Save some money and our planet at the same time!

If you are busy and on the go you can book your appointment with us online today!

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We service the following areas: Goodyear, Peoria, Phoenix, Avondale and Litchfield Park!

We look forward to serving you!!

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