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Though it may just look dirty on the surface, filthy actually produces its own world of a world of microbes, fungi and other irritants that can make us ill.

The following is a list of Here’s a possible health issues that you and your household can experience if you do not clean you carpet on a regular basis.


Respiratory Issues

Filthy carpets are playgrounds for harmful tiny organisms we do not want in our homes. Dust mites, bacteria and molds have the ability to multiply rapidly.

Dirt, pet hair and human skin cells act as food for these harmful organisms and help them reproduce at a rapid rate. These tiny particles become airborne whenever you vacuum or walk over the carpet.

If these particles are inhaled, health issues can range from coughing, runny noses, asthma attacks and various allergic reactions.

A study conducted by Kuopio Regional Institute of Occupational Health identifies the harmful compounds found in carpets if they are not cleaned on a regular basis as a definitive cause of asthma for people who don’t have the disease yet.

Mold that grows in dirty carpets can produce mycotoxins that make the air inside the house not safe to breath. If you are exposed to these conditions for a long period of time and result in neirotoxicity and in some cases cancer.


Skin Irritation and Infection

Dirty carpet contains both living and non-living bacteria that can be harmful to your skin that can cause redness, itchiness or even swelling. Common house pests like roaches and rats are attracted to these particles, making the situation much more complex.

These pests carry harmful germs of their own and you will be exposing your family to even more disease-causing microbes. A common skin condition closely associated with filthy carpets is athlete’s foot.

This contagious, fungal infection can be acquired by walking barefoot on a fungi-infested carpet. The fungi exploits cuts, scratches and breaks in the skin, breeds there and causes chronic itching later on.

Asthma attacks can also be triggered by dirt and dust in an unclean carpet. Some people have asthma that does not affect their breathing. Instead, itchy rashes that appear when a person who has the condition is exposed to asthma-triggering irritants.



People who have pre-existing allergies can suffer an allergic attack when living with dirty carpet. Dust, pet hairs, fungi spores and tiny insects are the most common culprits. Itchy skin, sneezing and malaise are the usual results of allergic reactions.



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