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Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning helps clients rid their home of urine contamination from pets on a regular basis.  We understand that it is a sensitive topic as we all love our pets and take pride in our homes.  Our owner met several types of vendors at the Experience Trade Show in Las Vegas.  We ordered a new black light from Cobb Carpet Supply.  The light is made by dynachem and it is so powerful that it can work in daylight without the lights turned off.  The black light can help us diagnose exactly where the urine contamination is and if it has seeped into the padding and the sub-floor.

The bacteria that is present in cat or dog urine is what causes the odor.  If a cat or dog has had an accident once or twice we can typically rid the problem area with a very thorough carpet cleaning and include a level one urine enzyme treatment which typically resolves this matter.  If the problem has been habitual or the animal was sick and on a medication a level three contamination might be in order.  This requires us to section out the contaminated area of carpet and padding.  We then remove those pieces and haul them away to the dump.  The next step and MOST important is to seal the sub-floor with a product that kills the bacteria and prevents the bacteria from whicking and seeping back up and re-contaminating the area.  We then place a new piece of padding and then lastly, a new piece of carpet.  If the client does not have extra matching carpet we borrow from a closet and use that to patch the damaged area since that is carpet in the same dye lot and same color.  As a courtesy we carry around remnant carpet in the beige and brown tone and we can put a non-matching piece of beige or brown carpet back in the closet for the client.  Then wha-la!  Problem solved!



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