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This week we had the honor to attend an Area Rug Cleaning Class in Denver, Colorado.  The class instructors are Scott Warrington, Tom Forsythe and Doug Heiferman.  Doug owns the successful Running River Rug Cleaning company in New York.  Scott works at Bridgepoint Systems and Interlink Supply. Tom is a Chemical Product Director at Bridgepoint Systems.

Here at Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and educate ourselves to provide top quality services and workmanship for our customers.

The owner of Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning, Robert Atlas, and one of our Carpet Cleaning & Repair Technicians Russell are in Denver this week learning more about identifying different types of area rugs and how to properly handle them during the cleaning process.  They are learning about the different cleaning methods that should be used for certain area rugs such as Silk and Navajo.

Robert and Russ are able to take a Hands On approach on learning about the top equipment available in the market today.  We already provide one one the best Area Rug Cleaning Services in the valley, however there are constant advances in area rug cleaning equipment and methods. We can’t wait to bring the techniques and knowledge they have gained from this class home for our customers!

Thank you Bridgepoint Systems, Interlink Supply, Doug Heiferman, Scott Warrington, and Tom Forsythe for an unforgettable experience so far this week.

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