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Damaging your carpet can be a stressful situation. We always  recommend that you repair the area right away to avoid the damage becoming worse. But we also understand that it is sometimes necessary to wait to get your carpet repaired due to finances, busy work schedule or other unexpected life events. Be assured that a majority of the damage to carpet can be repaired .

Our customer in Gilbert had damage to his carpet throughout his home, but he was specifically worried about the damage on his steps, which in his home was a high traffic area. Fortunately, he had carpet remnants left over from the installation, so we were able to use that for the repair. If you do not have additional carpet left over, no need to worry, you still have a couple options to choose from. We can cut out a piece of carpet from the closet or another area that is not noticeable or you can find the nearest matching piece from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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