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Our owner, Robert Atlas, has a love for mountain biking and is frequently found riding during his free time. Arizona is a mountain biker’s paradise, offering stunning landscapes, challenging terrain, and a mild climate that allows for year-round riding. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, Arizona has something to offer every level of mountain biker. From technical single tracks to smooth, flowing trails, you’ll find endless opportunities to test your skills and experience the thrill of riding through the stunning Arizona landscape. In addition to its great trails, Arizona is home to a thriving mountain biking community, with several events and races held throughout the year. This month, Robert participated in Singlespeed Arizona 2023 for a weekend of riding, camping, and good times in the heart of Superior, Arizona. Superior was originally founded in 1900 as a mining town and named after Lake Superior. In 2007 The Legends of Superior Tails aka LOST was created. It is a recreational trail that travels through Superior, AZ and the beautiful Sonoran Desert 60 miles east of the Phoenix metro area. Robert and the other riders rode 37 miles, climbing 4,000 feet with single-speed mountain bikes. Single-speed mountain bikes have only one gear, which makes them more challenging to ride, especially on technical terrain. Robert was also joined by his good friend, Derek of Austin Carpet Repair & Cleaning, who came in from Texas for the event. If you are looking for a technical workout and enjoy testing your skills and endurance mountain biking join Singlespeed Arizona next year in Tucson, AZ.


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