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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Maintain Your Facility’s Environment and Safety

Commercial carpeting takes a beating. Furniture, foot traffic, even high-heels and other rough-soled shoes can shorten the lifespan of your facility’s carpet. And vacuuming can only keep dirt, dust, and grit at bay—it is ineffective at removing it. Stains can be spot treated, but linger deep in the carpet fibers.

Compounding the problem are concerns about employees’ health. Ground in dust and dander, even cleaning chemicals that hang around in the carpet fibers long-term can aggravate peoples’ allergies and some medical problems.

Most commercial carpet that we deal with is glued down with areas of high traffic and uneven soiling. There are two types of commercial cleaning that we use depending on the need of the space:

  • Truck mounted high-powered water cleaning is recommended for heavily soiled, high-traffic commercial carpet. Our truck mounted systems are state-of-the-art, allowing us to use a high-pressure hot water wash with intensive water extraction.

  • Dry powder cleaning is a water-less method designed for lightly soiled and low-traffic commercial spaces. We cover the carpet then agitate the powder into the carpet fibers and vacuum up with industrial strength vacuums.

For steam or water-powered commercial cleaning, we offer an additional VIP level of service that ensures we are in and out super-quick. After cleaning we set up a grid of industrial fans that speed dry your space.

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning is a fully certified IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) company.

Not sure what type of professional cleaning your commercial carpeting needs? Call Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning at 602 755 6424. Kimberly, our Office Manager can answer any questions you may have (she’s an IICRC certified technician). Ask how you can get a free bottle (and free refills!) of our “green” spot-cleaning product

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning can pretty much do it all! How may we assist you?

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