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Has the carpet in your home become loose? Have you noticed wrinkles, rippling or speed bumps? This is commonly associated with poor installation but it can be fixed. Power Stretching with a licensed technician will get your carpets tight as a drum without damaging your carpet! We stretch across the length and then the width to make the carpet as tight as possible, cut off the excess carpet and then retack it all back down. All of the furniture from any room we are stretching will need to be removed prior to our arrival. We only send one technician to your home and due to liability reasons we do not move any furniture for customers. We do partner with a trusted moving company though for those that need addtional help moving the furniture. Our pricing for carpet stretching is based on the actual square footage that we are stretching. If you call our office with the sizes of your rooms that need to be stretched we can give you pricing. We even offer a two year warranty on our power stretching labor so you don’t have to worry. Call us today!

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