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No matter how small the damage to your carpet is we can repair it. We can repair standard plush pile, Berber or patterned carpets. We even offer repairs on commercial carpet. If you do not have carpet from the original installation to use we can still repair your carpet. We would take carpet from the back of a closet, use that matching section for the visible repair and then replace the closet carpet with a section of carpet that the technician has in his truck. Unfortunately, as carpet is impossible to match our tech would put a non-matching carpet remnant back into the closet. If you are concerned about the remnant that goes back into the closet then we would suggest that you purchase something similar to what you have in the home from your local Home Depot or Lowes. Have that remnant onsite and our tech would be happy to place that back in the closet. Call our office today for a free, over the phone quote for carpet repair at 602-688-4186.

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