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Why does carpet ripple up? Mostly due to poor installation.  The installers probably used a KNEE KICKER to install the carpet INSTEAD of a POWER STRETCHER.  We provide a 2 year warranty on our power stretching labor, and the furniture does need to be removed from the room prior to our arrival.  Another reason is if the home is left at a warm temperature for an extended period of time.  Finally, if the carpet is cleaned with a personal carpet cleaning machine, that can also cause carpet rippling because those machines leave to much water in your carpet whereas a professional should extract most of it out.

Also, unless you have used a power stretcher before, please to not attempt a DIY project…You can rip the carpet, or not tighten it enough.  Watch a video HERE to see the power stretcher in action by one of our technicians.

Carpet ripples stretched out scottsdale, az. Carpet ripples stretched out scottsdale, az

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