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PhxCarpetRepairLogoCan your carpet charge your smartphone? The answer to this question is obviously no or is it? Technology as with everything else in life continues to move forward one day at a time.

If you blink for a second you might miss all of the interesting technological  innovation taking place all over the world. This innovation is also happening in the carpet industry! What if I told you that one day your carpet will be able to charge your smartphone, your laptop, and possibly power your home?

This technology actually exists today!! Researchers at the University of Bolton’s Institute for Materials Research and Innovation  in the United Kingdom have developed a material that can be woven into a carpet to capture energy through impact.

This fiber consists of flexible photovoltaic material and flexible piezoelectric fibers that generate power through movement. What is piezoelectricity?

Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that builds up in certain solid materials, such as those made of crystalline or ceramic structures.

According to the researchers, this fiber can produce 1 watt of energy per 20cmx20cm of material! Now imagine if your whole house had this fiber woven into the carpet. You could theoretically power your home by simply walking around and going about your everyday lives. This is truly remarkable.

While this technology is still in its infancy, this technology has the power to not only transform the entire carpet industry but the whole world. The possibilities are endless. For more information about energy generating carpet click here.

Carpet Power + Energy Efficient Carpet= Money Saved and Clean Environment

When and if this technology becomes available to the average consumer, when combined with energy efficient carpeting you could potentially see a substantial reduction in your utility bills! Did you know that wall–to–wall carpet increases the R–value‚ or insulation level‚ of the carpeted area?

In layman’s terms, this means that your carpet is providing insulation for your home thus reducing your energy demand of your home. The added benefit of lower energy demand from your home is lowered greenhouse emissions.

Carpet is hands down the most energy efficient flooring that you can buy. Here are some of the test results from a study conducted by the Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs‚ one of the most sophisticated laboratories of its kind in the world. They discovered that:

  • Carpet vs Hardwood: Carpet has an R-value 3 to 7 times higher than hardwood.
  • Carpet vs Laminate: Carpet has an R-value 4 to 8 times higher than laminate.
  • Carpet vs Ceramic Tile: Carpet has an R-value 8 to 17 times higher than ceramic tile

Carpeting has a bright future ahead of it and could possibly lead the clean energy revolution that is currently underway across the world.

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning: A Carpet Cleaning Company That Looks To The Horizon

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is a forward thinking company that embraces technology and how it can enhance our lives.

While energy producing carpet is still a ways off from being a mainstream product, we look forward to a day when we will able to see it in action across the state of Arizona!

In the meantime, we can handle any and all carpet cleaning and repair issues that you have. Our carpet cleaning technicians are good at what they do and are perfectionist.

We offer a wide array of services to fit your needs and your budget:

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