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Can damaged carpet be repaired? In most cases, all carpet can be repaired. But the question you may ask yourself is, is it worth it? You maybe considering carpet replacement and we can understand that. Here are some reasons why you should consider repair. Carpets have a lifespan. Some carpets have very long lifespans and others are very short but on average the life of a carpet is typically 10-12 years. Carpet repair will always be cheaper than carpet installation. We are sure you don’t want different carpet in different rooms of your home and having to replace all of your carpet due to one damaged area would be very expensive. In truth, carpet repair will always win out in regards to cost. Sometimes the extent of the damage or the age of the carpet will have you weighing your options. Call our office today and we can give you free pricing over the phone. Then you will be able to compare and back the best decision for yourself and your home. Our friendly staff can be reached at 602-688-4186.

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