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Can Carpet Reduce Your Utility Bill?

Have you noticed the weather lately? The mornings are just a little bit cooler and the afternoon heat is a little less intense.

Fall is on the way which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Where did the time go?

With the holidays come colder weather and higher utility bills. While many people outside Arizona don’t think it actually gets cold here, we both know better.

The average low between November-March ranges from 46-54 degrees. This is heater weather in Arizona!

Keeping your home warm this year doesn’t have to break the bank. Did you know that your wall-to-wall carpet could help you save money on your utility bill? Carpet acts as a natural insulator that helps keep your home warm!

The more carpet that you have in your home the better. Carpet increases the R-value or thermal resistance in your home. What this means is the higher the R-value the better your home is insulated.

Heat stays in the home longer. With heat staying in your home longer the need to use the heater is reduced. This should save you money on your utility bill.


How Does It Work?

When carpet is installed in your home it also comes with a pad. The thicker the carpet and pad the higher the R-value is going to be. While carpet of different styles tend to have similar R-values, the R-value of the padding can vary greatly depending on the materials it was made from.

When combined your carpet and pad create a potent barrier against heat loss thus saving you money on your heating bill! Click here for more information on carpet padding R-values.

With proper maintenance your carpet will last anywhere between 8-10 years and save you thousands in utility costs over its lifespan!

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning suite of carpet cleaning and carpet repair solutions will ensure that your carpet will stays in tip top shape for years to come.

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning is dedicated to saving you as much money as possible. You work hard for your money and you deserve to keep it!

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