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Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning‘s president and owner Robert Atlas has franchised his business model successfully in over ten States/Cities!  He launched his own business coaching website this week!


Below is an excerpt from his business coaching site

Hi, I’m Robert Atlas.

I’ve spent the last 4 years of my life building from scratch a carpet cleaning and repair empire starting from a plastic bucket of spare carpet repair tools (me and my jeep wrangler) to a thriving 6-figure company. I have all the best industry equipment, vehicles brightly wrapped with my company name and logo, a cadre of bright dedicated employees and technicians (who are all industry licensed, by the way – I even make sure my office staff is licensed so they can give the absolute best and most informative customer service!). And I’ve surpassed most of my competitors and other small business peers who ask me all the time what secret sauce I have that they don’t.

And once I built that business, I built another, then another, and…yes…another. So now I’m an entrepreneur many times over. With that, I have developed a repeatable method that allows me to recreate success with each new business I launch.

I now possess a potent formula that allows me to launch new businesses and fast-track past all the B.S. to limitless income generation. I have taught and graduated a small cadre of students who now run their own businesses and are quickly transitioning to world class Entrepreneurs instead of stalled and stagnating in their “owner-operator” hells. Despite a dismal 80% failure rate of most small businesses, we are batting 100% success. Doors to my coaching program are once again open and opportunities are extremely limited… I would have been a millionaire 10 years ago, easily, if I had had this success model handed to me when I started!


I didn’t come out of the womb a savvy entrepreneur, though . I grew up in New Jersey, where I was no sharp student. I was street smart though and I always had a gift for gab…that came easily.

At 19 I left and headed to Las Vegas to live with an uncle and clean up my act Once there, I got a job, earned my GED (yes, I had dropped out of high school), and started working out . Even those small changes spelled big progress. I felt terrific, working out got all those good hormones flooding my brain cells and my future looked a whole lot brighter than I had given it credit for.

I capitalized on how good I suddenly felt – I wanted more than to simply work for someone else the rest of my life, so I decided I would start my own business. What can a broke 20 year old from Jersey do with a few bucks to invest?

Start cleaning carpets!
(It’s a low-barrier to entry and a lot of people use it as a go-to for launching a small business.)

I bought a bucket-full of tools and an old beat up Jeep wrangler. I talked to enough people to get some gigs cleaning carpets for landlords. Then, one afternoon I was in a bar having a beer when I struck up a conversation (Remember my gift for gab? It’s never failed me!) with a guy named Mike who was ironically a carpet installer by day and a male stripper by night. (Ah, Las Vegas!). We talked a long time, compared notes. He knew so much about carpet repair that I could literally smell the money I’d save my customers if I offered to make repairs to damaged carpet instead of them investing hundreds or even thousands to replace all their carpet with some big-box carpet company. I convinced Mike to accompany me on a few of my jobs where customers had damage of some kind or another to their carpet. He taught me the tools and techniques for repairing almost all kinds of carpet damage. Carpets looked almost new and saved my customers big money. This is a unique and distinguishing skill I leverage today that most other carpet cleaners just don’t possess. And I think of Mike often and that very special gift he shared with me.

I ran that business pretty successfully for 5 years. Then I got antsy. There had to be more. I was a 25-year old Owner-Operator of my own business, sure, but I was doing all the drudge-work, breaking my back day-in and day-out. I loved being able to tell people I owned my own business, the sense of pride that brings, the envy from others, but it wasn’t enough.

I became deeply involved in and committed to my Church. I stored my tools and left carpet cleaning and my own business behind to become a Christian Minister. I went to college then landed a job as a campus University Minister. I was on the positive end of things in my life for once: I had good credit for the first time in my life, zero debt, so I decided a good investment would be to buy some rental properties (that was a good investment, btw!). When I suddenly was let go from my campus ministry job, it was a turning point for me. I faced the despair of unemployment for over 6 months. My faith was crushed and my marriage was dangling by a thread. I finally threw in the towel and begrudgingly took a job offer from Corporate America as a salesman with a big company (name withheld to protect the innocent). I signed a year of my life away and my job required a lot of travel-not something I liked. That was a great deal of time away from my home and my family. To add insult to injury, my immediate boss made a ton of money by lying and cheating people. He expected no less from me with the ultimate goal being to fleece his dirty pockets.

Guess what? My convictions were strong: this was NOT the kind of businessman I wanted to be and I let everyone know it. This time my gift for gab got me fired! And instead of scared and paralyzed, I felt a relief and renewed sense of who and what I wanted from my life and career.


I dusted off my carpet cleaning equipment and tools and once again went back to work, again as owner and operator of my own business. But this time it was different…

I started thinking of myself and my skills and my FUTURE in a whole new light. I imagined a vision in my head of what I wanted my life to look like, sound like, smell like, and feel like. And I locked it in place.

I started out my second time around placing a cheapo ad on Craigslist and going from job to job in a beat up Jeep this time.




AVERAGING $8500-$16,000 A MONTH!

How did I do this?

I had learned by trial and error what had worked and not worked the first time around, so I applied my energies to honing a repeatable method for building a successful, money-making carpet and repair business. I now have implemented that method multiple times over on other businesses, including my rental properties. I am no longer an overworked, disillusioned “Owner-Operator,” but a serial entrepreneur with opportunities opening up doors everyday.

I can unplug from my businesses because I employ licensed, trained, talented and skilled technicians who I trust to run my businesses if I am not around for every waking minute. I can go on vacation, I can take a weekend off to spend with my family, I can even go tend to a loved one’s dying days – none of which I could have ever done before.

My success has changed me on the outside as well as on the inside. In fact, it’s been so obvious and enviable a change that I have had friends and business acquaintances pursuing me for business consulting–which I’ve done, with wild success.

This coaching program is for floundering small business owners, corporate middle management, and any other business-minded individual who is looking for massive change, independence, flexibility, and untold growth potential.


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Did you know we are a green company and we went paperless?  We use a web-based scheduling tool with wonderful reporting features too.  The product is called Service Monster and Principal Focus is the company that provides the service.  Although the product is geared towards carpet cleaning, you can utilize it for any services that require multiple routes and schedules.

Commercial and Residential services we offer:

Carpet Stretching Flood Extraction Pet Damaged Carpet Repair
Burn Mark Repairs Bleach Stain Repairs Red Dye Stain Removal/Repair
Carpet Repair at Tile or Wood Berber Carpet Repair Tile & Grout Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Carpet Installation Upholstery Cleaning
Rug Cleaning and Repair Odor Control Fabric & Carpet Protection


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