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Berber carpet or loop carpet is a great choice for higher traffic areas and will minimize footprints as it is often very dense. Berber carpet got it’s name from the indigenous people of North Africa, the Berbers, who created hand woven textiles that featured a distinct knot and natural multi-color flecks spun from different parts of the sheep’s coat. Berber carpet is when the yarn is sewn into the backing and left uncut. If it becomes damaged or snagged then it will start to unravel like a sweater. This is a real carpet emergency because if the thread is continuously pulled then the damaged area will grow bigger which in turn means a larger repair and a more expensive repair bill. Berber carpet is a specialty repair and not all technicians are experienced with Berber repairs. Our technicians are the best in the industry when it comes to Berber, loop pile and patterned carpet.

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