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Are you looking for a carpet cleaner for the first time? Do you think that all carpet cleaning companies are the same? Do you have a hard time figuring out who is better than who?

We are glad that you are taking the time to learn more about carpet cleaning and how it can benefit your carpet and your home.

As a first-time seeker of carpet cleaning services we would like to provide you with some helpful information that you can use to make an informed decision about your carpet care.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Q: How often should my carpets be professionally cleaned?

A: This is not as cut and dry as you think. This depends on how much foot traffic your carpet receives and the warranty on your carpet.

Most carpet warranties stipulate a professional carpet cleaning interval of 12-18 months.

A simple rule of thumb that is easy to remember is the more foot traffic you have the sooner your carpet is going to need a professional carpet cleaning.

If you have kids, pets or have respiratory issues, you should plan for at least 2 to 4 carpet cleanings a year.


Q: What are the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning?

A: A great looking carpet of course!  Aside from a carpet that looks like a million bucks, there are several tangible benefits to getting a professional carpet cleaning.

  • Your indoor air quality is greatly improved! Most professional carpet cleaners, us included use a hot water steam extraction cleaning system to remove deep-seated soils from your carpet. A 200+ degree cleaning solution pushes dirt, pet dander, and pollen from the carpet pile and is immediately vacuumed up. Additionally the heated solution kills all of the bacteria on your carpet! The result is allergen-free air!
  • Regularly scheduled carpet cleanings will save you money! Professional carpet cleaning will save you a significant amount of money in the long run because it prolongs the life of your carpet. The average carpet lasts between 8-10 years with proper maintenance. Replacing your carpet can be prohibitively expensive depending on the type of carpet, carpet padding, labor, supplies and other miscellaneous costs.  The bottom line is the longer you keep your carpet the more money you will save!

Q: What kind of certification should I look for when looking for a carpet cleaner?

A: Certification is what separates the real carpet cleaners from the impostors.  Everyone and anyone can pretty much set up shop with their equipment and call themselves a carpet cleaner.

This is what makes finding a reputable carpet cleaner harder than it should be.

These so-called “businesses” will charge bargain basement prices to get your attention and will either try to nickel and dime you or will end up damaging your carpet because they do not know what they are doing.

A real carpet cleaning company doesn’t play these types of games. They take the time to get  certified and protect their reputation by doing excellent work.

Just like any business, a successful carpet cleaning business is built on referrals and reviews.

The best way to identify a professional carpet cleaning company is to ask about certification.

If they do not know who the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC  is or what they do, this is a huge red flag!

This is the standard setting body for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.

A professional carpet cleaning business will know who the IICRC is and what they do. They will also make sure that their carpet cleaning technicians are certified by them.

This is something that we require from all of our carpet cleaning technicians!


Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning: A Carpet Cleaning Company That You Can Trust!

Here at Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning we love what we do! We love serving our customers and putting a smile on their face with our carpet cleaning services!

You can trust that we are giving you 1000% effort and providing amazing results with every carpet cleaning job that we do! Our reviews can speak to that!

All of our carpet cleaning technicians are IICRC certified and ready to help you today!  To learn more about our carpet cleaning, carpet repair, tile cleaning & tile repair services, please give us a call today at 602-688-4186 or contact us by email!


For those on the go, you can schedule your appointment with your mobile device!

We serve the following areas: Phoenix, Peoria, Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park

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