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What do you think when you see an area rug? Is it just another nondescript item to be ignored or can you see the deeper meaning behind the material.

Area rugs also known as Oriental rugs are known for their ornate patterns and attention to details. The tradition of rug making has been passed down through the centuries and has become a highly sophisticated work of art in many cultures.

To be considered an Oriental rug, the craftsmanship and style must originate from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India or China, historically known as the “Orient”. Each country has a unique style and technique that makes them easily identifiable to a trained eye.

With the different styles and techniques that are utilized to make an authentic area rug, how do you know if the rug you have is authentic?

Here is a quick guide that you can use to check the authenticity of your area rug.

Turkish Rugs

In order to know if you have a truly authentic Turkish rug, you will want to count the knots on the back of the rug. A typical hand woven Turkish rug will have 150 hand tied knots per square inch. Any thing less should be viewed with suspicion.

The hallmark of a Turkish rug is the dye that is used. An authentic Turkish rug will use natural dyes while a fake will use synthetic dye.

Look at the coloring of your rug; if the colors are vibrant after years of use, you have the real deal. A fake will begin to discolor after being in direct sunlight

Persian Rug

The Persian rug is native to modern day Iran. They typical Persian rug is made out of silk or a blend of rayon and cotton.

In order to tell if your Persian rug is authentic, count the knots on the back of the rug.

An authentic Persian rug will have between 200-500 knots per square inch. An artificial Persian rug will only have between 150-250 knots per square inch. Click here for more information!

Chinese Rugs

Chinese handmade rugs have many design elements that have been brought in from other parts of the world throughout the course of history.

An authentic Chinese rug is made out of silk because historically Chinese leaders simply believed that the use of wool was only for nomadic people.

How Can You Keep Your Area Rug Clean?

Now that you know the basic behind identifying your area rug, how can you keep it clean?

Carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning follow the same principles. Frequent professional cleanings and hyper vigilance should keep your area rug healthy and beautiful for decades. Follow these easy steps in order to protect your area rug from damage:

  1. Your area rug should avoid moisture at all cost. Keeping your area rug dry is vital to the long-term health of your rug.
  1. Vacuum your area carpet frequently. This helps to keep dirt from breaking down the fibers of the rug.
  1. If you plan on storing your carpet, spray with a light insecticide to prevent insects from destroying your carpet.

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