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Buckeye Carpet Stain RemovalThis customer had us out for carpet cleaning and believe it or not, the after photos are the same carpet! No replacing or carpet patching involved.  We did our basic carpet cleaning and also used a stronger treatment for any pet odors that were present.  That is called an Enzyme Treatment and it targets the bacteria that is in the carpet creating the odor.

Any home that has pets, we recommend Scotchgard Carpet Protector.  It will protect your carpets from permanent staining.If a customer is concerned with pet stains in the carpet, we let them know there is a 50/50 chance those stains may or may not come out.  This is due to the level of acidity that is in the urine.  Sometimes it is so strong that when it gets into the carpet it permanently damages the carpet dye and it will not come out with cleaning.  Other times, they come out no problem just as you see below.  The only way to know is to give carpet cleaning a try.

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