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We have people calling us daily complaining of having ripples or bunching in their carpet. Most people do not know why this has happened and there are a few reasons that can cause this situation. The most common one is poor installation from the very beginning. If your carpet was not properly installed, this could mean that it was not secured or stretched in the first place. Heavy foot traffic can eventually wear carpet down. Moving furniture across carpet can result in rippling or tearing the carpet. Wrong padding can also result in rippling. Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is here to help and can restore your carpet back to it’s original condition. We offer a service most people have never heard of called Carpet Stretching. We use a power stretching tool which reaches across the length and then the width of the room, pushing off of the baseboards. We then stretch the carpet as tight as possible, cut off the excess carpet and re-tack the carpet back onto the tack strip. Our company also offers a two year warranty on all carpet stretching labor. Carpet stretching may sound like a reasonably easy job, but it can actually be a delicate task that can only be done by a team of trained and experienced technicians. If you are interested in having your carpet stretched please call our office at 602-688-4186. Our friendly customer service agents will be able to answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate over the phone. When you call have the measurements of each room that need to be stretched, length by width. This way we can calculate your square footage and give an estimate of price so you have a good idea of what to budget. Of course, when our carpet stretching technician comes to your home he will take exact measurements and update the work order accordingly. We only charge off of what we stretch. Now, something to keep in mind, all of your furniture from any room that we are stretching must be removed prior to our arrival. In order to do this work responsibly there can be no weight on the carpet. Essentially what we are doing is re-installing your carpet. Any furniture in place would not only void our warranty but could potentially damage the carpet and over time the ripples or bunching would gravitate towards where that furniture is sitting. Call us today!

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