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Take a look at this repair job we did in Phoenix recently. This customer had several issues with his carpeting. In an attempt to save money, our customer in Phoenix tried to repair the the carpet himself. It is very common for home owners to do small repairs around the house, but repairing carpet can be a daunting task that should be done by a professional. For this 3′ x 4′ area, the customer was able to provide matching carpet for the repair and we installed it with no issues.

Inside another room, there was a burned mark that was left from a iron that fell on the carpet. We patched the area for him and worked on other small repairs he had inside his home. Here at Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning, we specialize in carpet repair, carpet stretching and carpet installation. If you have any questions about the carpet inside your home, give us a call at (602) 688-4186 for a free consultation!

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