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Did you know that Google does more than search funny cat videos for you? Google is actually a highly innovative company that is on the bleeding edge of alot of new technology.

While Google isn’t as well known when it comes to technological development it is always looking to push the envelope.

Google’s semi-secret lab dubbed “Google X”  is working on some truly groundbreaking technology.

Here are some of the things that Google is presently working on at the moment. They range from self-driving cars, global internet access, drones, glucose tracking contact lenses and touchscreen carpet.

Touchscreen carpet? Yes, you read that right. Google and the legendary blue jeans maker Levi Strauss have teamed up to develop a specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities.

This new material will make it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile including carpet. This material is stretchable and washable, so cleaning it shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you imagine making a call or sending a message by tapping your carpet? The possibilities are endless.


Walking On 21st Century Carpet

As you can see, carpet materials that are being developed today will be nothing like we have ever seen before.

Developing alongside touch-screen carpets are carpets that can generate safe and renewable energy by simply walking on it.

The 21st-century carpet will be able to save you or your loved one’s life in the near future. The “smart carpet” will be able to detect when someone has fallen and call for help if they don’t immediately get up.

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults aged 65 and older falls each year? The total direct medical cost of fall injuries for people over 65 in 2013 was a staggering $34 billion dollars.

As our country continues to age, this technology is going to be critically needed.

When all of these different features are combined together, the carpet of tomorrow will be an active part our daily lives and not just something that we walk on.


Sustainable Flooring

In addition to the technological strides being made, taking care of the environment and reducing our impact on the planet is an emerging trend in the 21st century flooring industry.

Consumers today are making sustainable flooring choices for their homes. Bamboo, Cork, and hardwoods from sustainably managed forests have become popular over the last 15 years.

Not only are these flooring options good for our environment, they have qualities that can improve your indoor air quality.

Did you know that bamboo flooring is hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant; and can even serve as a natural insect repellant? That is pretty remarkable!

As an elite carpet care company that specializes in carpet cleaning and carpet repair, staying abreast to what is on the horizon will allow us to serve you better!


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