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ATTENTION: We are not affiliated in any way with the TriForce Carpet Stretcher or Mario Garzanelli (its creator).  Please do not contact us to purchase a TriForce Carpet Stretcher.

This past June our owner, Robert, flew out to Mound House, Nevada to visit Mario Garzanelli, the inventor of the TriFORCE Carpet Stretcher.  This past week Mario came out to visit our company here in Phoenix. Mario runs his family owned business which is the only manufacturer of carpet stretchers in the United States. At just 15 years old, Mario, learned to lay carpet using a device you hit with your knee and after 60 years of installing carpet by “kicking” the stretcher, he was left with knee and hip injuries. Looking for a better way he invented the TriFORCE stretcher which is safer and faster. Mario said “I kept thinking, I can save millions of knees around the world. It wasn’t for any other reason than my conscience. I knew I had an answer. To just let it sit there wouldn’t be fair to other people.” He said a standard knee-kicker stretches the carpet about one percent. His device will stretch the carpet up to three percent. This new carpet stretching device uses a basic lever system. There are two legs that anchor to the carpet and a third leg that attaches to the carpet and pulls it. Mario says he can stretch a whole room of carpet in just four minutes and that TriFORCE users will increase their income substantially.

While Mario was here in town he spent three days out in the truck with Robert working. Robert was excited to test the TiFORCE stretcher out while he was doing jobs in the field. They also enjoyed getting to know one another on a personal and professional level. With both of them having numerous years in the industry, they had a lot to talk about and learn from each other. This was an amazing example of community over competition. We are grateful to know Mario Garzanelli.

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