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Thorough tile and grout cleaning will help your tile look like new for quite a long time. At Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning our technicians use a specialized brush to hand scrub the grout line and let special chemicals soak in for a certain amount of time. This will remove a lot of the loose dirt. A top of the line self-contained pressure cleaning system, manual brushes and a mechanical rotating brush will all be used as needed to clean the tile thoroughly, reaching even the most complex and difficult areas. Then a final rinse solution will be pumped through the machine, leaving your floor looking shiny and new. If you would like, our technicians can also apply a sealer on the grout line in your home or business. This will help protect the grout for absorbing any dirt and liquids. Technicians will then have one final post walkthrough inspection with the customer to evaluate and ensure that everything was properly cleaned.

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