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The battle to keep your carpet clean from outside forces is a daily and often hourly struggle that may seem impossible to win. While it is not humanly possible to keep all outside contaminants such as dust, dirt and grime out of your carpet, you can fight back and win.

Like any job you must have the proper tools to complete the job successfully. The same principle applies to the care of your carpet. If you have the proper tool to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, the better it is going to be for you and your family.

You are on the frontline of your carpet care. As the property owner you have the most impact on the health and longevity of your carpet. That being said what is the single most important weapon in the fight against carpet soils?

The Best Defense

The vacuum cleaner is your first line of defense because it does a great job eliminating contaminants from your carpet with relative ease. This isn’t a mind-blowing revelation as you may well know, but what you don’t know is that not all vacuum cleaners are created equally.

Knowing how to pick the right vacuum cleaner can save you a lot of time, energy and money. It will also reduce the stress of not knowing if your carpet is being cleaned effectively.

Picking The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Picking the right vacuum cleaner isn’t as simple as going to Wal-Mart or Target and picking a vacuum cleaner off the shelf. In order to truly know you are getting the right vacuum cleaner for your home look for these qualities:

  1. High Efficiency Filtration: This is very important quality for a vacuum cleaner to have. A vacuum cleaner that is sucking up dirt and dust shouldn’t put these contaminants into the air were it can be harmful to people with sensitive airways. Look for a vacuum cleaner that has a double-lined polypropylene fiber bag that can achieve 99% efficiency.
  1. Seal Of Approval: While not well known outside the carpet care industry, the Carpet and Rug Institute is an industry leader in carpet care. They help inform consumers about issues such as air quality, carpet lifespans and buying decisions on vacuum cleaners.

Carpet and Rug Institute tested vacuums are held to rigorous standards in order to gain their seal of approval.

  1. Look For These Options: Look for a vacuum cleaner with the option to choose between suction only and suction with brush agitation. This will give you the most cleaning power. Brush agitation helps lift contaminants such as dirt, human hair, pet hair and lint off of your carpet without damaging it.

If you use these three suggestions as your guide when buying your next vacuum cleaner your carpet will be much cleaner!

How Can We Help You?

In addition to buying a quality vacuum cleaner, a professional carpet cleaning by our team will guarantee that your carpet is exceptionally clean for you and your guests!

With the holiday season around the corner, scheduling a professional carpet cleaning today will ensure that your family and friends have a safe and healthy holiday season!

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