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Its the question we all have asked when we have our carpet cleaned, either because you have children or pets crawling around or have had a previous bad experience.  The answer to this question will depend on many factors, such as the method of cleaning, the skill of the technician, how large the job is and even the weather.  Generally, you can expect 8-24 hours.1

We can provide low moisture cleaning and hot steam cleaning.

The skill of the technician is important. It is possible to over-wet a carpet using low moisture cleaning, mainly due to operator error.

You may notice that when we clean just one or two rooms in your home or commercial location, drying occurs rapidly.  But when we clean several rooms, or the entire home or commercial location, odds are increased that moisture is higher in the home/location.  As we clean a room, we increase the grains or amount of moisture in the air, that moisture needs to be removed from the air so the moisture that you create in the carpet can evaporate.  If the air is saturated, you won’t have effective evaporation.

Steps you can take

VLM CleaningChoose low moisture cleaning (not recommended on pet stained or extremely soiled carpet)

Create ventilation by turning your fans and air conditioning

When the weather is nice (and dry), open windows and doors

Ask your technician about using an Air Mover (not included in basic carpet cleaning): As we finish an area, we can place an air mover in such a way as to create the most airflow, which will sweep moisture away from the air immediately above the carpet and allow more moisture to take its place.  “This is called Bernoulli’s Principle and basically means that airflow across a surface reduces air pressure, allowing moisture to move into that area.  Think of how airflow creates lift for airplanes. That same principle helps in the drying of carpet fibers.” (Jeff Cross, Editor of Cleanfax)




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