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Maricopa carpet to tile damage repair

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did Maricopa carpet to tile damage repair. The client had some pet damage where the carpet met the tile. The damage was small  enough to where we could re stretch the carpet out and cut out the damage instead of needing to do a...

Maricopa Carpet patch repairs

PCR did Maricopa carpet patch repair. A few areas needed some patch work done and we did a good job with them. read reviews HERE  

Maricopa carpet re-stretching

PCR did Maricopa carpet re-stretching. There was 2 very large ripples going through the hallway and near the wall in a bedroom of a vacant home. The reason this happened was due to poor installation and the houses temperatures were very high. read reviews HERE...

Carpet Repair Maricopa Pet Damage

Phoenix Carpet Repair was called to a Carpet repair Maricopa Pet Damage Repair! Read Google Reviews click HERE for this Client