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Phoenix Arizona Carpet Re-Stretching

Phoenix Carpet Repair was called to do a Phoenix Arizona Carpet Re-Stretching Job. Some Berber Carpet had some carpet Ripples that this customer needed to have Re-Stretched! read client reviews click HERE

South Phoenix Carpet Re-Stretch Repairs

PCR was called out to the South Phoenix Area to do a South Phoenix Carpet Re-Stretch repairs. The entire home had carpet Ripples in it. We had to cut into seams and put some stay nails in the carpet and then re-seam it back together! Most would not try this and it...

Carpet Repair

We at Phoenix Carpet Repair see allot of Repair work daily. What I see is about 70% of the work I do is caused from Pets. Peoples pets get locked in a bedroom and want out so they dig, claw, chew at the carpet and pad to get out. I find allot of this is when animals...