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Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning specialize in Berber Carpet repairs. Whether you have damage from your pets, a burn hole, or in this case a glue spot our experienced technicians can help restore your carpet and get it looking 80-90% better. Repairing your carpet can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing your carpet. Berber carpet repairs requires the knowledge and understanding only certified professionals can provide. This customer in Scottsdale, Arizona accidentally spilled glue on his Berber carpet creating a permanent stain. He called our office and spoke with our knowledgeable staff. By asking a few standard questions we are able to provide our pricing over the phone. First, we will ask what kind of carpet you have; is it a standard plush pile or a Berber or patterned. How big is the damage; length and width. Do you have extra carpet from the original installation. If not, do you have a closet with matching carpet that we can pull carpet from. We will then explain that if we pull carpet from the back of a closet we will replace this carpet with a completely non-matching beige or brown remnant as carpet is impossible to match. In most cases, we have availability to schedule the work within two to three days. Sometimes even same day appointments. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of all of our carpet repairs.  If you have damaged carpet feel free to call Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning at 602-688-4186. We are here to answer your questions, walk you through the process and provide you with a free estimate.

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