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This last week we received a call from a Scottsdale resident wanting to cut down a large 9’x12′ area rug she has and make it into two new rugs.  The sizes she wanted her two new rugs were 9’x9′ and 3’x9′.  After picking the rug up from her home and bring it to our facility, we measured the rug to make sure it is possible to cut the rug how the customer wanted it.

We discovered the pattern would be compromised and we needed to add two inch’s to the larger rug so the pattern would not be disturbed.  We sent photos to the customer to show her exactly what we were talking about. After understanding where we needed to cut the rug, the customer gave us the green light and we went to work! We serged all four sides of each rug with a new thread so each side matched the other.  Our customer was thrilled to have her new rugs within 1 week time!

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