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When you install new flooring in your home and you leave existing carpet in rooms that meet the new flooring you will find yourself in need of having the carpet retacked. After a contractor has installed the flooring, such as laminate, tile or wood, they should cut the carpet and leave a longer section of the carpet over the new flooring. This will ensure that our technician has enough carpet to meet up to the new flooring. If needed our technician will install new tack strip, cut the carpet and retack it at this transition to make it flush up to the new flooring. If left untucked the carpet edge will start to fray, damaging the carpet and the lose carpet will become a triping hazard.

If you are in need of having your carpet retacked up to new flooring call our office at 602-688-4186. We can give free pricing over the phone based on measurements of the areas that need retacked. We are a certified company with the IICRC and our technicians are extremely skilled in this industry.

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