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In most situations, the carpet can be stretched when furniture is still in the room. Some furniture is easier to stretch around than others, but we are still able to repair the problem for you.

The following are factors that help us determine if we can stretch the carpet in a room with furniture: how much furniture, the size and weight of the furniture, and the layout of the ripples is important for us to know.

How We Do It

When power stretching carpet, we stretch in the length and the width of a room. Even with light furniture, the power stretcher can still stretch the carpet.

Once the technician has decided the best way to stretch the carpet, he will pull up the carpet from the tack strip against that wall, stretch the carpet, reattach it to the tack strip and trim and tuck.

By doing it this way, the carpet will remain tight through heavy foot traffic and additional cleanings in the future.

What Can Stay In The Room

In order for the carpet to be stretched properly, the furniture must be removed from the room. We have a warranty on our stretching labor, but the warranty is valid only if there was no furniture in the room while stretching.

If you are not able to remove all furniture from the room, then we need to have enough room to slide furniture around to gain access to the ripples we are stretching. Our technician are able bodied and willing to help you move some furniture, there is typically an extra fee for those services.

Any heavy furniture or breakables should be removed. We do not want to risk breaking these items while we attempt to move furniture around.

What Must Go

Heavy exercise equipment, big fish tanks, and full size pool tables can make the stretch job more complicated. Although the power stretcher can still work with couches and beds, these heavier items may cause the carpet to rip when stretched.

In a situation like this, we will stretch away those heavy furniture items. We might need to create a seam or two to finish the job.

We cannot always guarantee a partial stretch so we highly recommend removing these objects from the area beforehand if possible.

If you have concerns as to whether or not your furniture would be an issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us today to get those problem wrinkles out!

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