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This past week, Robert, flew out to Colorado to go through a Carpet Color Training with the renowned, Chris Howell, president of Colorful Carpets. Upon completion we are happy to say that Robert is now a Certified Dye Master! We are always looking for ways to expand our business skill set and we are very excited to provide our customers with another specialized service. Our carpet dyeing services will include: Bleach Spot Repair, Color Restoration, Color Change, Design Dye and Persian & Oriental Rug Restoration.

Working on air brushing methods with Chris Howell. See Robert in action by clicking HERE.

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Carpet dyeing can bring your carpet back to life by renewing the beauty and color of your carpet. Professional carpet dyeing, done by our reputable company, can restore an existing color, achieve a slight color change, or achieve an exciting new color by color restoration, color matching, or spot dyeing. Carpet Dyeing will also save you time and money! Carpet dyeing is an affordable alternative to replacing your carpet. Our carpet dyeing services will save you between 65%-75% of the cost of carpet replacement!

An example of bleach spot repairs (courtesy of Chris Howell) 


Color change at a commercial property to dye a light color to a deeper color to hide stains and traffic lanes (courtesy of Chris Howell) 


Our dye is non-toxic, odor-free and will last the life of your carpet. We perform the carpet dyeing at your home and your carpet will be safe to walk on after application. For more information about our new carpet dyeing services please give us a call at 602-688-4186 today!

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