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If you have a loop pile constructed carpet also known as Berber then you know that any little snag can turn into a big problem. This really is a carpet emergency! A loop carpet is a type of carpet that is created when the yarn is sewn or tufted into the backing and left uncut. That means, that just like a sweater, once the carpet is snagged it will continue to unravel. If your dog, cat or vacuum pull on the string the damage will just get bigger and bigger. The bigger the damage the more it will cost to repair.  Our certified technicians are all experienced with Berber Carpet Repairs. Taking extra remnants from when you had the carpet originally installed, we will cut out the damage and permanently graft in the new section of carpet. If you do not have extra carpet from the install we will take a small section from the back of a closet that has matching carpet to use for the repair. Now, we know that you do not want to be left with a hole in the closet so our technician will replace the carpet we take with a non-matching beige or light brown carpet. We warranty the workmanship of our repairs for the life of the carpet. We are a trusted, 5 star company who will do your carpet repair right the first time. Our company also provides additional services. If you are in need of carpet, upholstery or tile cleaning we use a truck-mounted, hot water extraction process. If you experience ripples or bubbling in your carpet we also offer carpet stretching with a power stretcher and provide a two year warranty.  We can give you a free, over the phone estimate for all of our services based on measurements or number of rooms. If you would like an estimate or if you have any questions on any of our services please call our office at 602-688-4186.

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